Monday, May 28, 2012

Gigs & Photo-shoots

Yo Popsters!
Another great week behind us! We had two magnificent shows and one amazing photo-shoot session. More gig offers have been raining in so you have more chances to see us live. For example @Popkalaset! Be sure to reserve your tickets fast! :)

Big thanks to everyone that attended the Liberté & Kaivohuone gigs! You made it a night to remember! <3 For all of you that haven't yet been able to see our show, we give this live experience right in your home! Enjoy, Peach Party!

On Sunday we had an absolutely amazing photo-shoot session with our designer Timo Varamäki, photographer Karri Harju & our personal stylist Petriina Suomela. Kristian Palmu was our helping hand! We are so happy to have them on board! Here's a quick photo of the whole team, except for the photographer Karri of course!

We're so excited and eagerly waiting for the rest of it!
Loving the new looks! Quite sassy if I may say. Timo is full of crazy and lovely ideas <3 Along with Petriinas amazing styling expertise and Karris incredible photographing skills this session turned out extraordinary! A new lovely Satin Circus.

Here's some more photos from the
gig in Leipätehdas, Vaasa.

The ever so lovely Paul with a sweet tie!

                     Woop Woop!
Photos (last five) by YLE X3M / Ann-Catrin Granroth

Summer holidays are already here for some of us! But for the ones struggling with the last week, you can do it! :) Stay tuned for we'll upload more teasers from our EP the following weeks!!! Here's Peach Party once again! Pop on!

Have a lovely week and take care! Stay classy dear popsters! <3
-krippe ~~~ヾ(^∇^)'ー♪

Monday, May 21, 2012

EP!!!!! and Luomustudio!

Heyyyy! Summer is here, and so are the smoothies!

It's been a great week! We finally got our EP ready, and that's a really big thing for us. We've had this band for two years, and up until now we've done everything ourselves. We've learned a lot during these two years so when we finally went to the studio with some of the best pop-producers in Finland we had really high expectations. Fortunately the results after almost three months of hard work were even better than we could have expected! We've spent a lot of long nights at the studio with the producers and we weren't the easiest clients, but the final result speaks for itself!! Thanks to Janne, Joonas and Miikka for the patience!

The last process of making the EP was the mastering, something that nobody (apart from those who do it) really seems to know anything about. It's the final polish that makes the music magically sound good on any device, from your phone's own speakers to the car's and to house-sized stadium speakers. Our mastering was done at Chartmakers. It was really cool just sitting there on comfortable chairs, listening to when our good-sounding songs got even better :D

 Mastering Room at Chartmakers

Svante Forsbäck, the number one mastering engineer in Finland, mastered our EP. He's also mastered records for Rammstein and other international acts.

HERE IT IS <3 (don't worry, that's not the final cover :D)

Celebrating with a bottle of Bollinger at my place!

We're SO sorry that you can't listen to this EP yet, but don't worry, the time will come! We've sent it to a couple of industry professionals in Europe, and though I can't tell you anything about the answers we've got, I have to say that it turns out we're not the only ones who think this stuff is good ;)

Just wait for it… And while you wait, be sure to come check us out LIVE!! After all, the reason why we do music is to be playing it live for our fans, and that's what we do best. So this wednesday, Club Liberte, 9 pm!!

Another thing that happened last week: our unplugged Peach Party video was released by Luomustudio! One camera, one microphone, totally unplugged! (batteries for my toy synth were allowed ;))
This is what it looks like!

We've been planning to have an unplugged mini-concert in the beginning of the summer at a place called Yobot in Töölö. They have the best frozen yogurt!!  (AND SMOOTHIES!) Stay tuned on our facebook and twitter so you don't miss it! :)

See you! (in June…)


Monday, May 14, 2012

Popturné 2012

AY CARAMBA PEOPLE! WE WON the "PoPturné 2012"! 
And this is a big thing, 'cause guess what? They left a spot for the winner on a big Finnish summer festival "Popkalaset"! 

The final round of the competition took place in Vaasa, in a bar called Leipätehdas. Our trip to Vaasa started just like any other normal Satin Circus day: with a phone call to Krippe. 
A: "Where the hell are you?" 
K: wakes up "uh? Oh Shit!" 
Besides that (not totally unpredicted) delay, our trip to was awesome. We argued about finnish grammar, remembered 46 american states out of 50, listened to our own, now nearly complete recordings and goofed around in Axel's Volvo for five whole hours. 

Driving five hours for a 15 minute gig may sound totally insane, but it made perfect sense to us. Yes, the final was between five bands, each playing only a maximum of 15 minutes, and then the winner was chosen by a jury. Tough game!! All of the bands were good, and one that we especially liked was Timshel, with their playful songs and their lead singers funky moves. Don't get me wrong when I say this, cause we believe in our thing to 100%, but this time we were totally not expecting to win this competition. And when the time was due for the judges to decide the winner, we where all shaking! I haven't been so nervous since high-schools book presentations. X-/

We won! And we, and Radio X3M have not left anyone uninformed about that, I think. =D Satin Circus was in all media that night! Simultaneously live-streamed to the internet and live on the radio. As winners we got to warm up for Amanda Fondell, the Swedish Idol winner from 2011. I also did my first radio interview. It was not easy, not that I thought it would be =). So much happening right now!!! And Vasabladet published a short note--->

Here is a link to the later gig. It will be up for one month.

Ah, and the day before the competition we were all in the studio with the producers doing final mixing for our EP (until 3 am...) So Krippe's sleeping in can be forgiven. And now I'm finally calling it final, because the mastering is booked for tomorrow. The EP will unfortunately only be for promotional purposes until further notice, so stay calm. All of this "no music on facebook" and this stuff is not meant to distract and annoy you listeners/readers, it is only a temporary sacrifice for something bigger and better.

Check out our most recent youtube upload. =) Live @ YLE - Speed of Love <3

Oh, and Vaasa was a lovely city! And now it's filled with good memories too =)
Millions of big hugs and kisses to Mirva and her family for hosting us! 

Sorry 'bout the pic'lessness tho. We where too excited to remember to take photos. =P

See you in June, that will say, on Popkalaset
// Paul

Monday, May 7, 2012

How do I look?

Wow! It's been crazy busy last few weeks, but that's how it should be! :D The other guys have been writing about the recording, video sessions and such normal band related stuff, so here's a little something about the others aspects of Satin Circus :)

Yesterday we had a meeting with the "SC visual crew", the group that consist our costume designer Timo, hair- and make-up artist Petriina, photographer Karri, lighting designer Kristian and the graphic designer Vertti. They are super nice and talented people and I know for sure that in a couple of weeks we're gonna have some amazing new promo pics and a whole new look! :D 

We had so much fun! Timo had a huge pile of Vogue Hommes International magazines and scissors. We sat around and cut out the pics we liked and then made this collage out of all those things. I don't know if the result actually helped anyone but at least we had fun and got some great ideas in the process! :)

We've always thought that bands don't pay enough attention to the visual side of the "package", so we've given a lot of thought to clothing and all other things that the audience can see, rather that just concentrating on the hearing part. The problem was that even though we've always been very interested about clothing, it's not so easy to come up with a look that represents who we are as a band and also maintains each member's own personality at the same time. And to make that even more difficult we want to look like something special and unique, not just like four guys who went to H&M together and bought some clothes.

So now with these new people on board we'll be able to create a memorable look that no other band has! :) We've already booked a photo studio for the first session, so you'll be able to see the result quite soon. 
I'm also so thrilled to get to work with Petriina (hair and make-up). I haven't done anything new with my hair for a while and I'm looking forward to have a new look. Can't wait… :D

We're gonna put some more live videos to Youtube sometime soon, so check our channel regularly! The EP is also almost ready. The sad news is that because of the upcoming EP, we have to delete our demos from Facebook and BUT(!!!) we're gonna keep those at our soundcloud page until the EP is out, so if you wanna keep listening to those, you can do that at

The one with the natural sweetness ;D
Social Joe <3

Ps. This Friday we're going to Vaasa to play in the Popturné final! If we win we'll get to play on the big stages during the summer, so keep your thumbs up! :D