Monday, April 29, 2013

Emma Emma I am your door

Yo Popsters!

What a week! We're exposed. EMMA is exposed. She hit YouTube, YleX, NRJ, X3M, Spotify, Findance, Iltalehti, Blogs & Twitter well the whole freaking internet with a BLAST! I don't know what to say, other than it feels awesome. We've waited so long for our first proper release and now you finally have this one song that you can suck on 'til you get the whole album!

I guess there's quite a few new readers out there today and probably loads of questions so I've compiled a FAQ of my own.

Question #1. What are we?
mirror shot n_n'
We're a pop band called Satin Circus consisting of krippe, Axel, Olli & Paul who all have this huge love for music so we started a band. We write and play our own songs and we try to make people feel *something* through our music. Right now we're working in our upcoming debut album! Writing songs, testing out synth sounds and trying to make something concrete out of all our crazy ideas. We've had this band for about three years and you'll probably find a lot of not so representative material of us if you take time to dig around the internet :D But we're always cool, so go ahead! (you can start by going back in time in this blog, right sidebar ->) Our fans are called Popsters because just like us they love pop music. Some have been with us for years, other for a day. But we're so very glad to have all of you on board, because without you no one would listen to our music. So thank you! Seriously.

I think that answer was pretty good.

playing, because it's the best thing we know
So now you're probably thinking, "What an interesting band, I wanna know more, see what they are up to".

Question #2. Where can you find us?

Head over to for our most formal updates and announcements (press like) is where we tweet. 1,4k tweets so far and still going strong. Which brings me to the next thing, Twitcams. We have twitcams every now and then sometimes in Miami, sometimes not. We'll have our next twitcam once we hit 1000 followers on Twitter! So if you wanna see us, ask us stuff, hang around, see us play EMMA live etc. spread the word :) for videos and stuff. We have vBlogs every now and then :) Subscribe! . Pretty self-explanatory. Pictures, pictures and pictures. Over 400 photos and growing.

and then there's of course this blog. It updates every monday and the writer changes every week. This week it's me kripster.

I'm the singer and the guitarist in the band. The one with blonde hair and blue eyes. It's always hard to describe oneself. So I think it's best if you find out on your own :) (or ask a fellow popster). I love when  people come to our gigs and love to meet new people. Which is a nice equation for you if you're curious

Rocking my keytard on a gig

These blogs have always been kind of free form and we don't stress too much about them and I feel really good right now so I might as well call it a night :) It's super nice to have you on board the popster train. Glad you like our music!

Oh yeah! One last thing thing!
If you would like to support us you can buy our single on iTunes
Once you've bought the single you can still pop-out on Spotify to raise us to the Top-list
If you want to see our music-video head over to to raise the views <3

costume party
and last but not least! It would mean the world to us if you would press HIMOITSE on radio YleX competition. Not sure if it's a competition. shouldn't be... music is no competition. Anyhow whatever this himoitse (craving, yearning, lust) is, go do it, everyday (with different browsers and devices ;) right here -> spanks!

What is left to say now? I know. Good night. Hope you all sleep like little babies and wake up happy and energetic! (I hope I will) May-Day is nigh! If I remember correctly we might even have an interview on YleX tomorrow at some time. So stay tuned! :)

From our trip to Berlin 

Feels good to start this new era.

Stay Classy dear Popsters!
-krippe ~~~ヾ(^∇^)'ー♪ ♥

The photos you see in this blog are just random photos of us from the past years. Just so you see who we are. :) toodles)

Monday, April 22, 2013

EMMA 24.4.2013!!!!!!!

2 days and we will be a real band, with a release. Kinda cool. We've been waiting for over 3 years and it's finally happening!!! It's impossible to tell you how we feel. We've had so many ups and downs during the way here but we've made it. And this is only where it starts…

On Wednesday April 24th our first single ever, EMMA, will be released. It will first be available at iTunes at 00:10 Finnish time. The music video will be on YouTube at 8 in the morning. The song will be on Spotify at noon. Cool. And NRJ will be the first radio channel to play it!!

You've probably seen some of the teasers by now, and I hope you like them! The teasers show only small parts of the video, there is sooo much more to bee seen, including my crazy saxophone-madness! ;)

If you like the video, the best thing you can do is to share it to all your friends and relatives and tell everybody about us! Sharing is caring and we'd be really happy if you helped us reaching out to new Popsters <3

This week we're having a couple of things coming up: 

Twitcam on Wednesday 24.4! you can come and talk about the music video and ask any questions about the video or basically anything :) 

On Friday 26.4 we're playing a gig in Gloria at 20:00! It's free and there's no age limit! After us, our friend's band Elias Kaskinen & Päivän Sankarit will play their set. Really good Finnish music, you should check out their single when it comes out :)

On Saturday 27.4 we're having our Single Release Parteyyyyy in Linnanmäki! Wuhuuu! We'll be playing a couple of songs, including EMMA! It's also the opening concert for Linnanmäki, and Krista Siegfrids and Hevisaurus will be performing aswell! It's gonna be really cool so you should definitely come check it out! And it's free!

We can't wait for you to hear the song and see the video!! We really wanna know what you think!<3

Can't wait. But it's only like 25 hours til the song will be out on iTunes!!!!!

See you sooon <3


Monday, April 15, 2013


Aloha "amores"!!! [w. strong american accent]

My calendar will stop from working in a few weeks! From then on it's just a white sheet, an unknown land, tabula rasa... or something. That's because we're entering a new era, an era of existence!!! Then, finally we will release something of public importance... A single!!
Someone might say: "what the heck they released a music video last summer already", point, but its NOT the same! This thing bigger! This thing is BADDER! This time nothing is holding it back! This time we Own the World!!!

Well my point was to say that I don't know what to expect, but that I/we surely have put all possible time and effort into this song. And the video couldn't look better!! Honestly! I'm so proud of us all!

As far as how I've been doing now: =) I'll illustrate the past four weeks of my life with a short slideshow!!! =D It's fun!!

My bag says "hello"! He's now a movie star... he does a phenomenal job on our upcoming music video!! =D

I bought a last minute spontaneous bow-tie on JFK's Brooks & Brothers.... I like it! (don't get distracted by my sad looks on this melancholic late-night elevator photo)

I've had breakfast in my underwear on my balcony for a few days now!!! The glassed balcony acts like a greenhouse, giving me astonishing temperatures of around 35 degrees celsius, while the outside air is around -5!!!!
 I always get a little Miami feeling when I do that!!!

We had a day-lasting meeting at Sony today!! Good team, good stuff! We went through some hip strategies there... ;) 

We signed a new contract!! B) 

And Krippe met one of his biggest idols!!

Remember our Tweetcam on Wednesday 17th, at 19.00!! Some real important stuff coming up there!!!

Take care Popsters!!!

See you soon! 


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A day late, not a dollar short

Hi Popsters!

Yes yes I know… It's Tuesday and I'm a day late. But I have a very good excuse though :D

So yesterday I was walking home from the gym thinking about writing this blog entry when I'd get home, but then all of the sudden my phone rang. Our A&R from Sony called and told that the first draft of our music video would be waiting for us in our e-mail. So even though I was exhausted from the work out, I ran home and opened my laptop… AND OMFG!!!!!!!!!!! For the rest of night I was so blown away that I totally forgot the blog. even the first draft of the video looks SO AMAZING!! I can't wait for you guys to see it!! :) Now there's really nothing that can keep us from rocking the world, except North Korea but I count on Kim that he will come out and reveal that it was all just a prolonged 1st of April prank :)

Here Krippe's reaction when he first saw the video :D

The release date of our debut single and the music video is not that far away, and we're so excited!! We'll let you know the exact date soon! :)

Last Friday we had an unplugged gig in a shopping center called Hansa in Kouvola. It was so nice to get to play live after a somewhat long break. We played a couple of new songs and did something that we haven't done in a long time: played a cover :) The song was "Eleanor Rigby" by The Beatles. If you know the song, you know that it is very different in style from our own songs, but it was very fun to play, and I think it fitted in quite well. Please tell us what you thought about it and the new songs :)

Playing in Kouvola

I also made my debut as a part-time glockenspiel player :D

It was so heart warming to see once again so many people to show up :) We really love and need the feedback and support you guys give us <3 I hope that we can be even a little bit as sweet and supportive to you as you guys are to us <3 Much love <3

Meeting the Popsters <3

The gig and meeting all the fans was a lot of fun, but so was the trip back :D I'm not going go into any details, but trust me it was hilarious ;) There's just something magical about hitting the road with your best friends. That's always when the best and funniest things happen, and that's why I'm waiting for touring the world with SC so impatiently :) 

...on the road... 
- Social Joe <3

Ps. Last week Paul went out to get some coffee during our rehearsals. We got bored waiting for him, so we made this :)

Pps. Here's the crew that shot the video above <3
The camera crew <3

Monday, April 1, 2013

april april din dumma sill

Good evening Ladies and Gents!

It's Aprils Fool's day today and I tried to think of something original and try and fool you. Here I still am, trying to think of something funny. But since I can't make a fool out of you I might as well make a fool out of myself!

1) I think it's funny that I have been a referee for junior league football games. I know Axel, Olli & Paul will laugh at just of the thought of me having any kind of responsibility. But let me tell you this; I was a darn good ref!
2) I once got caught by the Finnish special forces team, "Karhu Ryhmä", for conducting some chemical experiments in the woods (a.k.a loud bangs). I nearly shat my pants when they appeared out of nowhere and started chasing me! When I noticed it was the coppers I tripped over a rock and fell down on the moss screaming "don't shoot, don't shoot!" What a hero!
3) I can't even count the times I've taken the wrong Metro. I Helsinki there's only one line which splits in the end. So there's two route different options, only TWO options and still I manage to cock it up! Once I was going home. I was tired and it was late, and so it happened that I didn't notice that the train was going to Mellunmäki instead of Vuosaari. Angrily I stepped off the train waiting for the metro once again, towards the same way I just had come... Finally it came, I got on it and I stared out the window cursing my life for my own stupidity. When I came to the transfer station I saw my train on the other side of the track! "Yeah! I will catch that train even if that's the last thing I do in my life", I thought as I ran as fast as I could, up the escalator over the floor, down the stairs and finally into the metro train! Wohoo! I made it! Or so I thought, I was once again in the wrong metro going in the wrong direction..
4) I eat ant's in the summer. (ps. the black garden ant is actually casually called sugar ant in both Finnish & Swedish! Bon appetite)
5) I still can't tie my own ties...

Well, that's enough for tonight! I still want to share Aino's lousy attempt at trying to fool us! :D You got me for like three seconds, just enough to get that strange clump in my throat. Then I realized we haven't changed at all so it must be a joke and I proceeded by Rick Rolling her.

Next week we'll get to see the first raw versions of the music video we shot in Miami! I don't know what to say, we might even get it released some day! :) Just hang in there, spring is just around the corner. And Spring is always full of surprises. Just like Axel's goodie bag he got while "virpoing" all around town.  --->
See ya!
-krippe ~~~ヾ(^∇^)'ー♪ ♥