Monday, May 27, 2013

Arena tours and nonsensical manure!

I'm way to too tired to write anything smart today. Right now I'm listening to Vampire Weekends new album which was recently released on Spotify and wondering what today s theme could be. We've had a great week with the Elämän Kevät gig in Hartwall Areena and Stafettkarnevalen in the Olympic Stadium. It's been so much fun and the best thing is probably all the new fans we've met! Thank you for your amazing support <3!

Summer is now here, for real. I don't even need my iPod anymore! There's loads of nightingales around where I live and it's probably the best sound in the world I know, especially since they sing mostly at night when you're stumbling home.

Instead of writing too much today I'm just going to post photos you popsters have put up! However, first I want to remind you of the competition that we have!

So basically you're just supposed to be creative and make a picture with the name EMMA in it and tag it with #scEMMA on Instagram. We'll start posting the submitted pictures soon so hopefully you end up on our wall :)

here's a great example made with nailpolish by @annukata
without further ado, here are some pictures by you!

hartwall @rrosamariaa

keikkotori @sofiaamand

kamppi @siljasaari
stafettkarnevalen @belijou
EMMA @jexyjonas ('dem mouths)

the monkeys at Hartwall by Tiia Santavirta

We got some great footage when we put the GoPro camera on Paul's bass' headstock! We need to find even more crazier places to put these little wonder machines! We also have a head strap so we could mount it ON one of us but I guess it'd look a bit too dorky :D

So you might wonder what we're up to this week! Tomorrow we're having a meeting at Sony and right after that I'm going to the studio to sing. We'll be spending quite much time in the studio trying to finish up the album, but everything takes longer than expected when you strive for perfection :) Now I thought I could tell you when we have the next gig, but I actually have no idea n_n' You'd better ask someone else!

I'm right on time 23:59!

Take care dear popsters and stay classy!
 -krippe ~~~ヾ(^∇^)'ー♪ ♥

Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer's on her way!

Spring is here!!! But actually it feels more like summer. It's 10 in the evening and I'm sitting on my balcony writing this, and it's f*****g beautiful here. You should see this! Unfortunately my phone's camera can't capture the colors.

The last four weeks have been amazing and so filled with work and new things that I don't even know what to say. There's so much new stuff to take care of when we're finally a "real" band. Our song is on powerplay on four radio channels in Finland, and also on NRJ in France! The best thing though is that we've been playing live a lot, and we've got a lot of new popsters who show up on every gig! Thanks for the support<3

Live in Kamppi!

And we've done good on the Ylex "Himotuimmat"-chart, and that's all thanks to you #popsters!! If you wanna help us get even higher on the chart, go do it here :) 

We've been working a lot on the album, and we're on a good way. Everything should be done by the time it's my turn to write the blog again, and that feels kind of scary. We've been writing these songs for the past three years and soon it will all be ready, and that's when the fun starts!! The album will be released in September, and before that we're gonna have a second single and also a new music video!

In the following weeks we're gonna have some international meetings and it's gonna be really interesting to see what everybody has to say. Basically everyone in the music industry so far has liked Emma so we're waiting for their thoughts on the other songs!

Summer is coming! There's only a couple of weeks of school left and everybody's getting ready for the summer of their lives. At least I am! One fun thing is that I'm actually gonna graduate from my school, although I didn't think it was possible. I haven't exactly been the best student during the past few years when all of my time has gone to this band. But it's a music school and they're supporting what we do so that's really great. One of my final assignments (along with writing a 25 page report about Emma) was to write sheet music to the song. I haven't done that in years but a full score of Emma is on its way :D 

EMMA score :D

The two biggest concert venues in Helsinki are Hartwall Areena and the Olympic Stadium. Here's something fun: we're performing in both of those next week :D Thursday we're in Hartwall and Saturday we're on the Olympic Stadium. Get your tickets for Thursday's show here! 

We've got all kinds of fun stuff on the way, and one of them is an Emma-competition on Instagram! Go check it out!

It's getting cold on the balcony so all I can say is: See You in June! But hopefully I'll see you before that on our gigs!;)

Share a Coke:)
Interview in Kylteri Magazine!

Monday, May 13, 2013

At the Gym



Still excited about EMMA! And why shouldn't we! She's doing quite well on Finnish radio, and France to! Bisous!! <3 It's gonna take a while until it has reached all corners of the world, but that's where we all can make a difference with just a simple gesture such as sharing the video, for example. In cyberspace music travels fast and far =)

It's good to keep your mind at other stuff than music, and me and Axel have grown a new love in going to the gym! 
In my previous year of existence i have totally underestimated the joy and importance of exercise. With a few year junior football team "career" behind me I thought I was safe from this terrible sweaty thing called "sports". During many years as an ignorant musician I completely undermined my own health by rating sports and athletic training as something trivial and useless. How foolish of me... =/ BUT! In january 2013 Olli "forced" me and Axel to take a fitness-club membership with him... and here we are... hours of blood, sweat and tears later... a few lost kg;s... a looot of gained muscles.... I'm SOLD!! It's almost an addiction by now! Aims set for the beach ;)

(Boris Vallejo)

And now, enjoy some never seen footage from East-Berlin!! =D 

Good night!!!


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gigging! :)

Hi Popsters! 

Emma has been out for two weeks now, and we've learned a lot about music business. We thought that we'd have known how this game is played, but it turned out that we knew nothing :D By this I mean nothing negative (it's been a lot of fun) but it's just funny to look back two weeks and notice how much we have learned in such a short period of time. Of course we're still in the very beginning, but we're eager to learn more, and one day we'll master this thing :)

An interview at Radio YleX

Guess what? We're gonna have our first gig in Hartwall Arena sooner than we ever expected! :) 23.5 there will be a charity event called "Elämän Kevät", and we're gonna be playing there on the big stage. Two days from that we'll be playing at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium in a sports event called Staffet Carneval, so we'll be having a short arena tour :D 

Yesterday I was at the gym working out and something great happened! I was near the end of my program and a bit exhausted when all of the sudden I heard EMMA playing on the radio! Somehow music has a special power when you're working out, and I had always wondered how it would feel to one day hear your on own song during a work out. And it felt great! Suddenly I wasn't at all tired and could push trough the final sets like I'd have just started. Lately I've had few of these "a dream comen true" -moments, and I hope there's more to come :)

Today we're gonna be playing at "Share a Coke" -event which is held in Kamppi, Helsinki. They are building a big stage to one plaza in Kamppi, and we're gonna have three shows there. We're very excited about this, and let's hope that a lot of people will show up. We'll be also handing out Emma Coke cans that were custom made for us, so if you want to get a special SC collector's item, today is the day! :)

We got custom made Coke cans! :)

Much love,
- Social Joe <3

Ps. Last Saturday we had an unplugged gig at the Spring Kids Fest 2013. It was so nice to see so many Popsters to show up once again! Thanks <3 

Unplugged gig at the Spring Kids Fest 2013

Pps. If you want to help us to clamp the chart at Radio YleX, please go to this page and push the pink "HIMOITSE" button. We're now #2 and it's only 70 votes to the #1! :)